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  • Our objective: Vendée Globe 2020, a non-stop, solo, round-the-world race
  • Our boat: IMOCA 60 named “DMG MORI Global One”
  • Our spirit : Unite DMG MORI employees, customers, partner and associated companies, the team members and fans around the world together under “Global One” to support the team

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DMG MORI Sailing Team
DMG MORI Sailing Team
Time to celebrate – Boat roll out in August 2019​

DMG MORI CO., LTD. launched DMG MORI SAILING TEAM on October 30th, 2018 and welcomed Japanese skipper Kojiro Shiraishi as a team member. The team will participate in the Vendée Globe 2020, a non-stop, solo, round-the-world yacht race without assistance. 

The construction of the team`s boat type IMOCA 60 started last November at Multiplast in Vannes, France, and took about nine months to finish. Some parts of the yacht are machined by DMG MORI’s latest 5-axis and mill-turn machines. DMG MORI, the provider of cutting-edge machine tools and total solutions, contributes to the development of the world’s manufacturing industry with the activities of DMG MORI SAILING TEAM. 

The yacht is named “DMG MORI Global One”. It represents our “Global One” spirit, under which DMG MORI employees, customers, partner and associated companies, the team members and fans around the world are united together to support the team. Masaki Takayama, Managing Director of Etre Design Co., Ltd. and the designer of Shiraishi’s racing boats since 2002, created the new yacht's design.

"DMG MORI Global One" left the boatyard for the first time in France on August 31st

10 days, 11 hours, 30 minutes, 29 seconds – Kojiro Shiraishi crossed the finish line of the Vendée Arctique. After challenging days on water, Kojiro arrived in the harbour of Les Sables d’Olonne exhausted but happy. The solo-race, organized by the IMOCA, was not only a valuable experience for the skipper but also a testing ground for the yacht DMG MORI Global ONE and the whole team.  

The next big adventure is just around the corner: The Vendée Globe. Kojiro has now officially qualified for the “Everest of the Seas” in November.

The Skipper: Kojiro Shiraishi

Kojiro Shiraishi is a skipper by passion. Born in Kamakura, a coastal town south of Tokyo, he has had a deep connection to the sea since childhood. In 1994, at the age of 26, Kojiro completed a solo circumnavigation of the world as the youngest sailor.

He was the first Asian to take part in the Vendée Globe in 2016. His big goal: to cross the finish line in the Vendée Globe 2020, the toughest solo regatta in the world.

Technology at its best: "DMG MORI Global One"

With an innovative design and an experienced shipyard, “DMG MORI Global One” is a technical masterpiece. The construction began in November 2018 and took around nine months to complete. The IMOCA 60 was built at Multiplast in Vannes, France. The boat design was individually adapted to meet the needs of the Skipper Kojiro Shiraishi.

Some parts of the yacht are machined by DMG MORI’s latest 5 axis and mill turn machines. Thus the heart of the yacht the keel plate was manufactured with cutting edge machine tool. "DMG MORI Global One" left the boatyard for the first time in France on August 31st.

  • Name: DMG MORI Global One
  • Sail number: JPN 11
  • Designer: VPLP
  • Construction: 2019, Multiplast, Vannes (France)
  • Launch Date: 11 September 2019
  • Home port: Lorient
  • Length: 18,28m
  • Beam: 5,85m
  • Draught: 4,50m
  • Weight: 8 tonnes
  • Mast height: 29m​​​​​​​
  • Foils: Yes​​​​​​​
Vendée Globe

November 2020: Vendée Globe

Solo, non-stop and without assistance. For good reason the Vendée Globe is called the Everest of the Seas. The Skippers are confronted to freezing cold, gigantic waves and heavy skies. The challenge requires everything: ultimate willpower, precision and resilience. 

  • 40.075 kilometers, 21.638 miles: that is the circumference of the Earth and the distance of reference around the world
  • Recordholder: Armel Le Cléac'h, Banque Populaire, 74d 03h 46s

The Start of the ninth Vendée Globe is on November 8th 2020. For Kojiro Shiraishi this years Vendée Globe 2020 is the second chance to fulfill his heart’s desire: crossing the finishing line of the world’s toughest regatta. The race was founded in 1989 and since 1992 has been held every four years.

Vendee Globe Teaser 2020

Vendee Globe Teaser 2020
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DMG MORI Sailing Team on Social Media


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