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DMG MORI Sailing Team

THE IMOCA 60 – with over 20 precision parts from DMG MORI on board 

The “DMG MORI Global One” – a 60-foot long IMOCA – is a racing machine at sea. The DMG MORI Sailing Team built the high-end yacht from scratch. On board are extremely stable components made of titanium, produced by CNC experts from the DMG MORI plants in Pfronten, Wernau and Bielefeld. 

On board: More than 20 precision parts made on DMG MORI machines

Sailing to the limits of physics

People and materials are pushed to the limit during a regatta like the Vendée Globe. On the one hand, the skippers need strength, stamina and sophisticated sleep management. On top of that, they have to be technically skilled to be able to repair important parts of the yacht themselves in wind and storm. On the other hand, the yachts are constantly exposed to incredible forces – wind, waves and extreme loads are unforgiving when it comes to tearing the material – often with tonnes of force. It is not uncommon for the yachts to move in a way that pushes the limits of physics. 

With combined expertise to create a high-end yacht

It’s all the more important to have a strong, reliable boat that can defy these forces. Three central skills came together when building the “DMG MORI Global One”: experience from professional sailors, knowledge from passionate boat builders and expertise from a world-leading machine tool manufacturer. 

Multiplast, a French boat builder in the field of high-end yachts, built the IMOCA 60, while the DMG MORI Sailing Team supported the project with all of its experience and expertise. At the same time, DMG MORI produced critical parts and complex components – DMG MORI machines produced over 20 high-precision components which were used in the construction of the IMOCA 60.

The heart of the yacht: the keel plate 

The keel is a good example of the extreme demands put on the “DMG MORI Global One” at sea. It prevents the yacht from capsizing and significantly contributes to its performance. Because it weighs four tonnes on its own, the keel needs a completely reliable link to the hull. “Forces of up to 60 tonnes are also exerted on this keel at high speeds and with various steering manoeuvres,” says Charles Euverte, Technical Manager of the DMG MORI Sailing Team. That’s why a mounting system was designed for the keel which consists of four high-strength and extremely light titanium components. Together they form the axis to which the keel is secured. The titanium components in the boat building are called AFT PLATE, AFT CAGE and FRONT PLATE and were manufactured in DMG MORI plants. Ultimately, a piece of DMG MORI will always be sailing around the world with Kojiro Shiraishi. 

The parts made by DMG MORI at a glance: 

On board: More than 20 precision parts made on DMG MORI machines

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