Your perfect entry into 5-axis ULTRASONIC machining

Max. X travels
650 mm
Max. Y travels
520 mm
Max. Z travels
475 mm
Max. table load
300 kg
Table diameter
630 mm
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Exclusive DMG MORI Technology Cycles: ULTRASONIC microDRILL

ULTRASONIC technology integration - reduced process forces for higher productivity

  • Technology integration via HSK-A63 interface for ultrasonic superimposition of the tool rotation with amplitudes up to 15 µm
  • Process forces reduced by up to 50% through ULTRASONIC enable, depending on requirements: higher feed rates, improved surface quality up to Ra <0.1 µm, longer tool life
  • Specific coolant treatment systems with centrifuges, optimized for the ULTRASONIC processing of Advanced Materials

ULTRASONIC 3rd Generation - Optimal process control through intelligent controls

  • Constant amplitude in the process to ensure reproducibility
  • Automatic detection of the working frequency, significantly improved hardware for signal acquisition
  • Frequency tracking and simultaneous power control in real time for optimal process stability
  • Ensuring the ULTRASONIC advantages even with non-optimal tools
  • Fully compatible with 2nd generation ULTRASONIC actuator

The right machine configuration for every requirement, from 3-axis to 5-axis simultaneously

  • Attractive 3-axis entry-level machine for ULTRASONIC machining - rigid table with 630 mm x 500 mm clamping surface and a maximum workpiece weight of 300 kg
  • Direct-Drive C-axis up to 300 rpm, with 4-channel rotary feedthrough for vacuum - the perfect machine for processing rings made of ceramic and quartz glass
  • Adaptive auxiliary spindle ULTRASONIC microDRILL with up to 32,000 rpm for small bores from Ø 0.1 mm with maximum process reliability

5-Axes Machining with up to 20,000 rpm

  • speedMASTER 15,000 rpm with 21kW and 111Nm in basic version 
  • speedMASTER 15,000 rpm with 46kW and 200Nm optionally available
  • speedMASTER 20,000 rpm with 35kW and 130Nm optionally available

Swivel Rotary Table for 5-Axes Simultaneous Machining

  • Table load up to 300 kg
  • Swivel area of the B-axis -35°/+ 110°  for highest flexibility
  • Cooled table bearings for highest precision

Tool magazine with 30 pockets in basic version

  • Loading of tools from the front even during machining
  • Excellent visibility and accessibility
  • 60 or 120 pockets optionally available


  • Comprehensive cooling concept for highest longterm precision
  • One-piece machine bed
  • Direct driven ball screw drives
  • Direct path measuring systems in all axes
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Work Area
Max. X travels
650 mm
Max. Y travels
520 mm
Max. Z travels
475 mm
Table dimensions
Max. table load
300 kg
Table diameter
630 mm
Workpiece dimensions
Max. worpiece height
350 mm
Standard speed
15,000 rpm
Max. speed (Option)
20,000 rpm
Drive power rating (100% DC)
16 kW (AC)
Torque (100% DC)
85 Nm
15-55 kHz
Amplitude max.
15 µm
Tool magazine
Capacity (Standard)
Max. capacity
Rapid traverse
Max. X axis
42 m/min
Max. Y axis
42 m/min
Max. Z axis
42 m/min