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Pallet handling at DMG MORI

Pallet handling is a crucial element in the automated production of milled parts. Pallets in machining centres act as a base onto which one or more unmachined parts are clamped. The benefit: staff can prepare several pallets while the machine tool processes the orders one by one. Autonomous pallet handling increases productivity in production by eliminating the need to change pallets manually. The significantly faster automated process drastically reduces machine downtime. Pallets are prepared alongside production by means of a pallet storage unit. Staff load this unit using set-up stations.

Flexible automation up to a batch size of 1

Pallet handling systems in a variety of designs enable the individual and efficient automation of manufacturing processes. Both individual part production and series production benefit from pallet preparation. For example, conventional industrial pallets can be equipped with clamping towers that offer space for several workpieces. The wide range of pallet handling options also provides a suitable solution for components of all sizes. DMG MORI also supports the handling of small workpieces up to ø 200 x 260 mm as well as the handling of heavy components, with a load capacity of up to 10,000 kg. For the storage of the prepared pallets as well as the finished machined components, storage solutions of various sizes are available to suit the pallet handling application.

Pallet handling systems for every requirement

Pallet handling systems have been a highly valued element within DMG MORI's product range for decades, as they are a highly effective tool in process automation. The range consists of linear and circular storage systems in all required sizes.

Linear storage systems

DMG MORI's portfolio of linear storage systems ranges from the space-saving PH 10 - an integrated solution for the ULTRASONIC 20 linear, for example - to the Carrier Pallet Pool (CPP), which handles pallet handling for up to four machines, and the Linear Pallet Pools (LPP). The latter is designed for up to eight machines, 99 pallets and five set-up stations. The CPP and LPP are controlled by the DMG MORI LPS IV master computer.

Round Storage Systems

DMG MORI's round storage systems are compact automation solutions for pallet handling at a machine. The range extends from the low-cost PH 50, which can handle at least six pallets, to the modular PH Cell series and various round pallet storage systems (RPS) for monoBLOCK, duoBLOCK and NHX machining centres. The round pallet storage systems are easy and convenient to control using a machine control system, such as the Pallet Master software, for instance.

AMR - Pallet handling

The PH-AMR series are an important innovation component for the digital factory of the future. They enable fully automated loading and unloading of machine or zero point clamping pallets into machine tools. It is the beginning of a new era of flexible automation solutions in intralogistics. Depending on the workpiece or pallet size requirement are different PH-AMR sizes for the autonomous and collaborative pallet transport available.

Pallet handling systems: a quick summary

Which machines are suitable for pallet handling?

Which machines are suitable for pallet handling?

For milling operations, it is common for one or more unmachined parts to be clamped onto pallets. This means that almost every machining centre is suitable for automation using pallet handling.

What is pallet handling?

What is pallet handling?

A pallet handling system creates an automated flow of material between a pallet store and a machining centre. It handles the transport of the pallets as well as their insertion and removal from the machine.

Where is a pallet handling system appropriate?

Where is a pallet handling system appropriate?

Pallet handling systems are able to flexibly automate the production of small batches and individual parts. Automated pallet handling reduces machine downtime and provides staff with time to prepare new orders; significantly increasing overall productivity.

How is a pallet handling system structured?

How is a pallet handling system structured?

A pallet handling system comprises a pallet storage system, which is often scalable, and a handling system, for example a robot, which transfers the pallets from storage to the machine tool. After processing, the system removes the pallets and returns them to storage. Pallet handling is controlled using an intelligent master computer, which prioritises the orders based on requirements.