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Reliable software bridge between CAM and machines
Optimized NC program creation with CELOS DYNAMICpost

Post processor, NC simulation, and cutting force optimization functions in one software

CELOS DYNAMICpost is computer software that integrates three functions: a post processor, machining simulation, and cutting force optimization*1. After converting a CAD/CAM-designed toolpath to a NC program on the post processor, the cutting simulation function uses DMG MORI machine simulation technology to evaluate the workpiece geometry, perform an interference check, and then estimates machining time. The cutting force optimization function evaluates the cutting force, and automatically generates an NC program with optimized machining conditions.

CELOS DYNAMICpost : Digital Twin for Your Shop Floor

Main benefits

CELOS DYNAMICpost provides post processor, machining simulation, and cutting force optimization functions*1 in one software

Its unified user interface delivers seamless data coordination. DMG MORI provides one-stop maintenance support. Without the need to test each piece of software, equipment can be used immediately after delivery.

The dedicated post processor can be used to generate DMG MORI machine tool-compatible NC programs.

  • Compatible with dedicated functions (Application Tuning Cycle, Quick M code). Application Tuning Cycle is a
    DMG MORI developed technology that dramatically reduces rough machining time and improves accuracy
  • Supports auto input to reduce operator input tasks

Safer machining and more accurate production plans

CELOS DYNAMICpost allows you to run accurate NC program cutting simulations.

  • The time study function can be used to perform accurate cycle time prediction (within a 10% margin of accuracy)
  • The interference check function prevents machining collisions, for safer machining
  • In addition to CAM generated NC programs, it is also compatible with NC programs written using MAPPS conversational programming function*3

Reduces cutting time and prevents tool damage

The cutting force optimization function*1 provides optimal control over machining conditions.

  • By providing optimal control of machining conditions, rough cutting time can be reduced by 20%*2 and tool damage can be prevented
  • Cutting force simulation results can be viewed in a graph
  • Identify high cutting load areas of the NC program to optimize tool life

Supported CAM Systems

Mastercam (2021 or later), Siemens NX (1926 or later)

One of the CAM software packages listed above is required in order to use the post processor and cutting force optimization functions of this software.
The simulation function can be used even without the CAM software listed above.

System Requirement (Recommended operating environment)


Windows10 64-bit professional


2.0 GHz or higher Intel / AMD 64-bit processor <3.0 GHz or higher Intel i7 / Xeon W series>


8 GB or more <16 GB or more>

Available space

2 GB or more of available hard drive space <10 GB or more of available hard drive space>


Integrated graphics


Resolution: 1,920 × 1,080 or higher


Ethernet adapter, DVD-ROM drive

※Optimization Edition requires NVIDIA Quadro with at least 8GB RAM.

*1 Only included on the Optimization Edition.
*2 The results described above may not be achieved depending on differences in machining types.
*3 SIEMENS conversational program ShopMILL and ShopTURN are not supported.

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