27/05/2019|Metalloobrabotka 2019 - Ulyanovsk MT

Technology Excellence in Russia

Highest quality standards, further increase of production, an own spindle assembly as well as the production of hydraulic systems prove the continuous success of Ulyanovsk MT.

  • Highest quality standards at Ulyanovsk MT
  • Advantages of local production:
    • Fixed prices in rubles
    • Short delivery times
    • No custom duties
  • Local spindle production: Assembly of 600 spindles per year
  • Highest spare part availability and best service for Russian customers
  • Technology Excellence: Comprehensive knowhow for the Russian aerospace industry
  • New DMG MORI Technology Cycles for ECOLINE machines

DMG MORI’s state-of-the-art production plant in Ulyanovsk and the DMG MORI Technology and Solution Center in Moscow both underscore the machine tool manufacturer’s status as a local producer and its role as a leader of innovation on the Russian market. Since the opening of Ulyanovsk MT in 2015, the development of the Russian production site has been increasingly successful every year reaching its climax so far in 2018. Full cycle assembly, spindle assembly for locally produced machines, and the production of hydraulic systems have been major milestones over the past two years. Now, DMG MORI also offers new technology cycles for their ECOLINE machines: MPC 2.0, Alternating Speed, and 3D quickSET.

Plant in Ulyanovsk
The state-of-the-art production plant in Ulyanovsk underscores DMG MORI’s status as a local producer and its role as a leader of innovation on the Russian market.

The highest quality of the products is the main priority for all DMG MORI plants. Customers in Russia and other countries confirm this quality standard also for Ulyanovsk MT. The quality and technical level of machine tools manufactured at this production site were highly assessed at the Russian competition "100 best products of Russia" and with the “Winner of the 2017 Award” for the 5-axis universal machine DMU 50. This success results from the advantages of local production.

Since September 2016, the plant has been fully recognised as a Russian manufacturer so that DMG MORI can operate under local competitive conditions. This adds up to a whole series of benefits for customers: fixed prices in roubles, short delivery times and no customs duties. In addition, DMG MORI aims at increasing localisation up to 70 percent and to this end works closely with Russian partners and suppliers. Essential components such as machine housings, parts of the machine body as well as gears and drive components, for example, are already produced in Russia. The benchmark set for the high-quality components is the group-wide First Quality standard, so Russian customers can also benefit from the long service life of the products. Additionally, the localization of components allows DMG MORI to reduce the costs of the DMC 1035 V ecoline, the DMU 50 ecoline and the DMU 50 from the premium line for simultaneous 5-axis machining.

The highest quality of the products is the main priority for all DMG MORI plants.

New DMG MORI Technology Cycles for ECOLINE machines

A further step towards the future of CNC machining is the increased portfolio of DMG MORI Technology Cycles for ECOLINE machines. Russian customers now can improve their production using MPC 2.0, Alternating Speed, and 3D quickSET. MPC 2.0 – Machine Protection Control – monitors vibration and torque in the process and ensures a rapid shutdown in case of a crash. This reduces damages as well as the risk of tool breakage and increases the machine availability. The technology cycle Alternating Speed works with the main spindle and counter spindle or for milling machines with FD tables with DirectDrive. By adapting the speed, it avoids vibration. Thus, it increases process safety for example when using long thin drills. Alternating Speed is easy to operate through three parameters and without additional sensors. No manual intervention by the operator is needed and it allows an identical repeatability for all components. The third new DMG MORI Technology Cycle is 3D quickSET, a toolkit for checking and correcting the kinematic accuracy of 4- and 5-axis machine configurations available for all head variations and table axes. It offers periodic recalibration of the machine with comprehensive documentation and highest kinematic accuracy in self-regulation.

New technology cycles for ECOLINE machines
DMG MORI also offers new technology cycles for their ECOLINE machines: MPC 2.0, Alternating Speed, and 3D quickSET.

DMG MORI machines retrofit service at Ulyanovsk MT

With all necessary equipment and highly qualified specialists, Ulyanovsk MT announces to the customers in Russia a retrofitting option to boost the performance of DMG MORI machines regardless of the year of their manufacturing.

With support of expert knowledge and high-quality products the scope of the services comprises the replacement of the following machine components: spindles, ball screws, drives, rulers, CNC systems, which results in increase of productivity, speed and machining accuracy, power efficiency, and a new level of production at a minimal cost.

Launch of spindles assembly at Ulyanovsk Machine Tool

Ulyanovsk MT has its own mechanical production area with a capacity of 22,500 production hours, state-of-the-art production lines that guarantee the high quality demanded and its own Research and Development Department. Russian engineers work here to ensure that the local CNC system is also implemented in the products. In 2018, DMG MORI launched a local spindle assembly at Ulyanovsk MT, as well. Assembly and repair of spindles is done for the locally produced machine tools including the CTX ecoline series, the DMC V ecoline models, and the DMU 50 ecoline.

Ulyanovsk MT production
Ulyanovsk MT produces the CTX ecoline series, the DMC V ecoline models, the DMU 50 ecoline and the DMU 50 2nd Generation.

MASTER spindle series with 36 months warranty

Concerning the MASTER spindle series, DMG MORI gives an adequate answer to the requirements of the market. Uniting all of DMG MORI’s expertise, the successful motor spindles are highly reliable and have a significantly longer lifecycle compared to conventional spindles. This is the reason DMG MORI provides a 36 months warranty on the spindles in this series – without any hourly limit.

MASTER spindles
DMG MORI provides a 36 months warranty on all MASTER spindles – without any hourly limit.

Highest spare part availability and best service for Russian customers

Innovative and efficient machine tools are just as important in the manufacturing sector as the absolute reliability of production technology. That is exactly what the DMG MORI manufacturer service guarantees with its extensive offer. With its maximum service quality and fair prices, the machine tool manufacturer puts the customer first. One example for this at Ulyanovsk Machine Tool is the newly established ECOLINE spare parts stock that guarantees shortest delivery times of ECOLINE spare parts for Russian customers. Regular analyses of customers’ needs help to optimize the stock. DMG MORI also ensures permanent availability of maintenance kits. Regarding the costs there are fixed prices in Roubles and DMG MORI offers price reductions for certain positions by 25 to 30 percent. The optimised stock of spare parts increases machine availability as well as DMG MORI’s efforts in the field of service. With Service Competence Plus, Inspection Plus, and Maintenance Plus the machine tool manufacturer has a holistic offer that guarantees short reaction times and proactive measures in order to keep production running.

Comprehensive knowhow for the Russian aerospace industry

The scope of performance at Ulyanovsk Machine Tools also includes comprehensive industry knowhow from technical advice to customer-specific turnkey solutions for demanding industrial branches such as the automotive and aerospace industries. With its Technology Excellence DMG MORI Russia concentrates on the Aerospace sector, in particular. This growing industrial field requires a lot of competence in realising the most efficient and productive manufacturing solutions as well as powerful CNC technologies for best quality. DMG MORI already is the main supplier of machine tools and solutions in the Russian aerospace industry with more than 380 machines installed since 2005. These produce all types of engine components as well as complex and highly stressed structural parts: from casings and blisks over pylon supports and gear components to turbine parts made of different materials with help of DMG MORI’s LASERTEC 3D technology.

With these manufacturing solutions, DMG MORI provides a perfect synergy between machine tool, tools, and machining strategy. The machine tool manufacturer realises these solutions with more than 20 years of Aerospace competence and can offer holistic turnkey processes including machine design, tools, clamping systems, and programming.

DMG MORI Academy: Education guarantees competitiveness

Know-how in the field of CNC means competitiveness. DMG MORI is an international leader when it comes to passing on CNC expertise – in industry and in educational sectors. Working closely together with schools, educational providers, and customers the DMG MORI Academy is a reliable partner offering a wide range of training courses and equipment to the Russian market. International training standards and state-of-the-art CNC technology are the core aspects of the educational philosophy at the DMG MORI Academy. In Russia, the machine tool manufacturer employs eleven trainers who were educated in Germany and Japan according to international standards. These highly qualified trainers give comprehensive courses in programming, setup, operation, and maintenance of all machines – also in Russian language, of course. The technology centre in Moscow and the production site in Ulyanovsk both offer classrooms and training machines. Over 400 educational customers cooperate with DMG MORI Russia. Based on a qualification analysis the trainers develop customised training plans in order to meet the needs of the students perfectly. The educational portfolio also includes a German Industrial Master study program for CNC specialists and intensive train-the-trainer courses for teachers. Special educational events like seminars, workshops, and school CNC competitions complete the activities of the DMG MORI Academy in Russia.

State-of-the-art production plant in Ulyanovsk
The state-of-the-art production plant in Ulyanovsk and the DMG MORI Technology and Solution Center in Moscow DMG MORI both underscore the machine tool manufacturer’s status as a local producer and its role as a leader of innovation on the Russian market.

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