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CTX beta 500 / linear

The modular system of the new CTX series


Precision quick change system for VDI tools:

  • Significantly faster setup, considerably higher tool change accuracy and more stability
  • VDI compatibility: VDI standard tool system, can use VDI uptakes
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DMG MORI Technology-Cycles

Up to 60% faster - Even faster and easier programming! Discover our exclusive DMG MORI Technology-Cycles!

linear drive

Wear-free linear drives for high rapid traverses and precision

  • Highest consistent precision
  • High acceleration
  • Reduced service costs
  • Reduced production costs
CTX Beta 500 linear

The CTX series will also be offered as an intelligent modular design from which the customer can build a tailor-make universal lathe. Starting at the single spindle chuck machine with fast turret up to complete machining with counter spindle and Y-axis describes the wide range of possibilities. And due to the increased component performance of 25 % this machine series is particularly suitable for heavy bar, chuck and shaft machining

Highlights CTX beta 500 / linear

  • Digital drives for the highest precision and an integrated spindle motor for the highest dynamics
  • Absolute positioning sensors (no reference point procedures) in the CTX beta: Tail stock / driven tools and C-axis (standard)
  • Y-axis and counter spindle are (optional)
  • Modular construction system with expansion stages from universal turning up to complete machining of all sizes
  • Integrated water-cooled spindle motors
  • Optimal number of tools (12, 16) depending on machining task
  • Wider application range – larger axis stroke, the greatest turning diameter and the largest torque available
  • Highest stability and life span – rigid Y-axis, highest cutting performance
  • Utilise the full potential of your machine with our DMG Technology-Cycles
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Grooving and part-off. Cutting edge precision and capability

Whichever alloys you have to machine, Horn offers innovative solutions. Efficient, economical, precise; individually customized when required to create the perfect process.

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