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CTX beta 2000

High-tech universal turning for work pieces up to ⌀ 600 mm and 2,000 mm in length
Direct Drive

For greater performance and higher machining precision

  • Greater dynamics and performance (speeds up to 10,000 rpm) for powerful cutting
  • Higher machining precision thanks to perfectly smooth operation and thermal stability
ShopTurn 3G

Innovative multi-channel programming with ShopTurn 3G:

  • Up to 30 % productivity increase with the new DIN / ISO interface
  • Absolute flexibility between DIN & WOP
  • 3D workpiece simulation, also multi-channelled
dmg-mori-technology-cycles-turning teaser Picture

Complex machining easily realized
Dialogue guided programming

- Up to 60 % faster
- New Applications
- Visualized, interactive and user friendly


Precision quick change system for VDI tools:

  • Significantly faster setup, considerably higher tool change accuracy and more stability
  • VDI compatibility: VDI standard tool system, can use VDI uptakes
CTX Beta 2000 linear

The newly designed model is regarded as the successor of the successful and >300-times approved CTX 620 and has been enhanced in several decisive aspects. The improvements are clearly apparent in the work area, the main spindle and the turret. The turning diameter, for example, is now 600 mm for all equipment configurations and the turning length is 2,000 mm. The travel path in the X-axis is 415 mm while the optional Y-axis has a travel of +/- 75 mm. Chuck sizes of up to 500 mm are still available. Added to this is a bar capacity of 93 mm (optionally 102 mm) that enables the machining of bar materials with large diameters. The CTX beta 2000 comes with CELOS with 21,5“ ERGOline® and SIEMENS as standard. The machine is also available with Operate 4.5 on SIEMENS 840D solutionline, equipped with the 19“ ERGOline® control panel.

Highlights CTX beta 2000

  • The latest 3D control technology:
    CELOS from DMG MORI with 21.5" ERGOline® and SIEMENS;
    alternatively, 19" ERGOline® with Operate 4.5 on SIEMENS 840D solutionline and ShopTurn 3G
  • Highest consistent precision: direct position measuring system in the X-axis
  • Main spindle as a ISM 102 with 4,000 rpm, 45 kW and 770 Nm in the standard version, an optional ISM102 plus with 2,500 rpm, 52 kW and 2,200 Nm
  • 12-pocket VDI50 turret with 4,000 rpm and 85 Nm of torque, 6 block tool pockets for max. stability; also available as a 16-pocket VDI40 turret
  • DirectDrive turret (optional) with 10,000 rpm and 34 Nm with a TRIFIX precision quick change system (up to 160 Nm of torque through gear reduction)
  • Exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles
    to save up to 60 % of your time.
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  • ctx-gamma-2000-linear-h1-jpg
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