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CTX gamma 2000 TC / linear

Turn & mill machine for 6-sided complete machining
Turn & Mill

Milling with up to 220 Nm torque
(CTX beta TC max. 120 Nm)

5-axis simultaneous machining due to Direct Drive B-axis with up to +/- 120° swivel range


Precision quick change system for VDI tools:

  • Significantly faster setup, considerably higher tool change accuracy and more stability
  • VDI compatibility: VDI standard tool system, can use VDI uptakes
linear drive

Wear-free linear drives for high rapid traverses and precision

  • Highest consistent precision
  • High acceleration
  • Reduced service costs
  • Reduced production costs
dmg-mori-technology-cycles-turning teaser Picture

Complex machining easily realized
Dialogue guided programming

- Up to 60 % faster
- New Applications
- Visualized, interactive and user friendly

CTX gamma 2000 TC linear

The integrated combination of diverse technologies and methods is one of the definitiv trends in modern manufacturing. Apart from the generous standard equipment such as turning-milling spindle and tool magazines, the machines of the CTX gamma TC series offer a broad selection of options from a toolbox. Six sided complete machining now delivers the decisive competitive advantage in many sectors. Increasingly more complex of workpieces require the integration of additional machining techniques, such as cog milling and 5-axis simultaneous machining.

Highlights CTX gamma 2000 TC / linear

  • compactMASTER® – 120 % more torque at 220 Nm with 70 mm shorter length
  • 800 mm X-axis travel and 420 mm Y travel for maximum flexibility during radial machining
  • 550 mm long tools, horizontal drilling or turning of workpieces up to 550 mm in length (CTX gamma 1250 TC up to 340 mm)
  • 6-sided complete machining with main spindle rated at up to 4,000 Nm and counter spindle* rated at up to 2,200 Nm, chucking* up to Ø 630 mm
  • Production turning with B-axis and lower 12-position turret* for up to 12 driven tools


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