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NZX-S 2500

A new model with a 10-inch chuck joins the NZX-S Series of multi-axis turning center for shafts

The NZX-S Series of professional machines specialized for machining small-diameter shafts has been reborn with a new design. While maintaining the excellent functions and structure of the existing machines, it has been designed with the greatest priority on operating convenience.
The NZX-S Series adopts the optimum axis travels, spindle output and feed thrust for the machining of shaft-type workpieces, making it possible to make the machine compact. In addition, by giving the machine a symmetrical construction centered on the spindle, heat is distributed evenly and accuracy in continuous machining has been improved.

Highlights NZX-S 2500

+ Optimal design specialized for shaft machining
+ Space-saving machine dedicated to mass production lines with the
    minimum necessary axis travels, spindle output and feed thrust
+ Symmetrical structure in relation to the center of the spindle to evenly
    disperse heat and improve continuous machining accuracy
+ Excellent access to workpieces and tools, and easy setups
+ Vertical bed to improve chip disposal performance

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