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NZX-S 1500

Professional machine for small diameter shaft machining

The NZX-S1500 is specialized for small-diameter shafts, ensuring outstanding efficiency with ideal axis travel, spindle output and feed thrust force. The compact body allows space saving, which provides better visibility in factories and dramatically improve productivity per unit area. With optimal capabilities and body size for machining of small-diameter shafts, the NZX-S1500 satisfies varieties of needs of mass production shop floor.

Highlights NZX-S 1500

+ Symmetrical structure in relation to the center of the spindle to evenly
    disperse heat and to improve continuous machining accuracy
+ Two different distances between centers: 500/1000 type
+ Milling tools can be mounted on Turret 1 and Turret 2 as an option
+ Excellent access and easy setups with a 275 mm distance
    to a workpiece
+ Compact body achieved by the dramatically lowered machine height
    compared to the conventional model:
    Machine height: 1,500 mm (/500), 1,607 mm (/1000),
    Floor space: Approx. 2.8 m2 (/500), Approx. 4.6 m2 (/1000)

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