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All Turning Centres by DMG MORI

In the area of the CNC-controlled turning technology, DMG MORI offers a unique range of machine tools of several sizes, shapes and variety of equipment. All turning machines, machining centres and automatic turning centres are based on a modular kit of hightech components. Some convincing examples are linear drives for maximum dynamics, revolvers with an in-built direct tool drive, compactMASTER® spindles for maximum flexibility in the working area and maximum productivity in the process as well as tool magazines with quick tool changers for the shortest idle times and maximum productivity.

Universal Turning Centres






The range of DMG MORI CNC-controlled universal turning machines extends from the economical revolver turning centres to flexible universal machines with directly driven tools, counter-spindles and tailstock. Combined with trendsetting control systems, these machines form the standard backbone of innumerable metal cutting companies all over the world. 

Turn-Mill Complete Machining Centres

                            CTX TC



The turn-mill machines of the CTX TC, CTX TC 4A and NTX series represent the premium class of universal turning centres. Up to 6-side turning and up to 5-axis CNC milling can be achieved in one setting with these turning machines. Dynamic linear drives, stable B-axis, and fast revolvers as tool carriers or a swivel-mounted counter spindle (NTX) are other features which contribute to the uniqueness of these flexible high-performance machine tools.

Production Turning Centres

                        CTX 4A



The CTX 4A, NZX and NZX-S series form the youngest generation of DMG MORI production turning machines. Every series sets new standards with respect to quality, safety and economic viability at the time of manufacturing highly precise rotating parts in average to large numbers.

Vertical Turning Centres


The vertical turning machines of the CTV series offer maximum stability and precision. Even the standard machines achieve best values at the time of productive vertical turning of chuck and shaft parts in medium-size lots. Besides, the CTV 250 DF presents itself as a vertical turn-mill processing centre for complete processing, particularly homo-kinetic joints in the automobile industry.

Automatic Turning Centres


                        GMC / GM



From metal-cutting fabrication of larger quantities or series, right up to mass fabrication, DMG MORI offers a wide range of automatic turning centres. The SPRINT automatic turning machines particularly focus on the flexible processing of workpieces having simple to complex geometry. SPRINT automatic turning centres with SWISSTYPEkit are suitable for turning with a guide bush or without, whereas CNC-controlled multi-spindle automatic turning centres target the series production of complex precision parts.

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